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Does V-Rush Vapes contain any Nicotine or THC/CBD in it?

No and Absolutely not!
V-Rush Pre-Workout Vapes only include fruit extracts for flavor and preservation along with dietary supplementation to give you the energy, focus and pump needed for any physical activity. Please feel free to visit our Ingredient page for detail breakdowns of what's included in our pre-workout formula.

What ingredients are in the Pre-workout Vape?

We have listed all the Ingredients in the V-Rush Pre-workout Vape in the Ingredients page along with detail description of what they do for the body. Feel free to check it out!

How many inhalations should I take?

The serving size is 5 pulls or inhalations (Please note each pull should be a consistent deep 3-5 seconds inhalation for the optimal result). Some may need 1-2 more or less depending on body weight and sensitivity to caffeine.

When should I take V-Rush Pre-workout Vapes?

This product has many different uses. The VRush Pre Workout Vape can be taken anytime you may need more of an energy, focus, and blood flow boost. Uses include: Pre Workout, Pre Cardio, Mid Workout, ect. The wait time for the effects to take place is less than a few minutes due to the benefit of bypassing your digestive process.

How long does one Cartridge last for?

One Cartridge will last for approximately 30 Uses based on the 5 inhalation serving size.

What if I never Vaped before?

No worries, VRush will help any beginner learn how to Vape. It’s rather simple…. Just like inhaling anything. Just follow the instruction card enclosed within the package and within couple simple steps, you will be all set! The Vape pen we carried in our online store is also amongst one of the easiest to operate vape pen that fits any entry level of vape users! Many has tried it and has picked it up even without prior experience!

Take a deep inhalation off the vape pen with attached cartridge holding the pre workout oil. Hold and exhale, no different than smoking or breathing. For more information check out the many YouTube videos helping others learn How to Vape!

What if I’m not getting a hit off my cartridge?

There could be a few different reasons why this is happening. It could be due to a dead or low battery on your pen or device. Always have your pen charged fully for the best quality hits. Another reason could be due to a burned out coil and the bottom of your cartridge. If you have an adjustable heating temp. pen, We suggest keeping it at a lower temperature to avoid burning the coil.

Lastly, A bad cartridge is possible… even though such case is RARE with our quality control protocol, unfortunately this does happen in rare case scenario, if this is the case VRush Vapes will gladly refund or reship your order. Just let us know and we will take good care of you!

I lost my instruction guide for Vrush Vape, where can I find a digital copy of that?

No Worries! We got you covered. Here's a digital copy. Simple right click the thumbnail below and click "save as image" for your future reference!

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