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The World's First Pre-workout Vape

All the benefits of a pre-workout

minus the digestive stress


V-Rush Pre-workout Vape is a revolutionary spin on the pre-workout supplement to support consistently better workouts - the science behind V-Rush is simple, no wait time and no bloated water-filled stomachs while training.


Digestion is an extremely important aspect to the human body. While training, you should feel good, not bloated and sluggish from the extra energy your body needs to digest a pre-workout shake. The V-Rush Vapes offer an instantaneous delivery of our patent-pending full spectrum pre-workout formula bypassing the digestive system - hitting the blood and brain almost immediately. The fast-acting nature of our vape-delivered system also offer convenience and flexibility in planning your workout. Give us a try and experience that skin tearing pumps and mental focus without the side effect of any digestive stress yourself today!

So What is Vape? How does this work? 

When it comes to the word "Vape", most commonly associate that with e-cigarettes, which first came to the market as an alternate to smoking tobacco, delivering inhaled nicotine.


At V-Rush, "Vape" takes on a whole new meaning that DOES NOT involve any tobacco NOR nicotine

And by "Vape", we are referring to the unique delivery system that can effectively "vaporizing" specific molecules into inhalable forms without disrupting their active structure and bioavailability. This allows the product molecules to be inhaled (breathed in) and absorbed directly into your system via your lungs, bypassing the digestive system. 

So why is Vape-delivery system better?

Delivery system via the lungs through our breathing is one of the fastest delivery route through our body system into your bloodstream. Imagine how our body continuously up-take oxygen into our bloodstream day in day out to support all daily activities. Not only is this delivery system fast-acting and instantaneous, it also bypasses the digestive system, and hence eliminating any stress that caused by added demand for digestions of the supplemented molecules.

Thanks to decades of medical research advances, we learnt that our lungs are naturally permeable to broad ranges of molecules and offer a non-invasive route for delivery of different peptides and molecules while maintaining high bioavailability of the delivered peptide and molecule. 

In light of these medical advances, our team of scientists and athletes at V-Rush referenced over a decade of data and knowledge on electronic vaporizer products in-market and created, through our continued Research & Developments, the world's first vape-delivered full spectrum pre-workout -
V-Rush Vapes.

Every ingredients tested by our team athletes are clinically proven, safe and effectively compatible with our vape-delivered system. More importantly, we took pride that our product is made from all natural ingredients and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities in USA! 



V-Rush Vapes highlight

  • Full spectrum pre-workout blend to boost sports performance and focus

  • All clinically proven ingredients from natural source

  • Instantaneous delivery through V-Rush vape-delivered system bypassing digestion

  • Sugar-free & Calorie-free

  • Nicotine-free, THC-free, B.S.-free

At V-Rush, we believe in full transparency in telling our loyal customers what's in our product. So you know exactly what you are getting, with no filler, no additives, and most importantly ZERO B.S.! To find out more on what pre-workout supplements are in our formula, feel free to check out our "Ingredient" page for the full list! 

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