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A product built by athlete

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V-Rush was born when Jason, long-time fitness enthusiast could not find a pre-workout in the market that works for himself without upsetting his digestive system. Through his own research, he learnt that one possible culprit comes from the harmful additive and fillers most powder supplement pre-workouts contain. As he opted for the options from premium brands/companies, he was surprised to find that his stomach problem is still not resolved. 


"Having a bloated stomach before and during training sucks... that feeling of sluggish and bloated is just not worth the extra boost in pumps and sports performance... this has kept me away from pre-workout for years until our team of athletes and scientists made V-rush Vapes a reality! Now I can truly enjoy the benefit of pre-workout without any stress to my stomach!" says Jason. 

What turns out to be a quest in solving his personal problem slowly grew into a company as he discovered that he is not the only one facing this problem. V-Rush is now a company based in Connecticut, United States that dedicates to deliver all other fellow fitness enthusiasts the clean energy, focus and muscle pumps they deserve in their regimen. 

"Nothing makes me happier to hear from a fellow customer or athlete how our product has improved their training and changed their perspective on pre-workout! That is exactly what fueled us to go the extra miles in our current product developments and continued research on our vape-delivered system." says Jason.

Indeed, electronic vaporizers have only been commercially available for the past few years. Even with decades of research in medical applications, there are much to learn about the vaporizer technology and the compatible peptide and molecules for vaporization. With our own R&Ds, we have successfully created the world's first vape-delivered full spectrum pre-workout: V-Rush Vapes. But V-Rush is committed to ongoing research in vapor technology and sports supplement in expanding our knowledge on other compatible natural ingredients. 


"V-Rush is truly blessed for receiving all the love and support from our customers even just within the first month of launching, we would love to thank everyone who believed in us and joined our V-Rush family" - V-Rush Team

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